“Shaping humans isn’t about filling a vase, it’s about lighting a fire.”


Adventurium, Mindful Management



Since 2014, we’ve been offering tailor-made services aimed at business leaders and managers who want to develop the human side of their leadership. Discover our unique coaching method Conscience et Management ®combining different tools such as neurolinguistic programming, mental preparation, hypnosis, sophrology, and shamanism that we use in our coaching: Training, coaching, learning expeditions.

Adventurium accompanies you to improve your company’s performance. A new world is arising, and a field of possibilities is opening up to you. Volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous, navigating this impermanent universe requires open-mindedness, intuition, agility, and authenticity. We combine individual power and collective intelligence to deliver performance.


Accompaniment towards the awakening of consciousness, in the service of alignment and sustainable well-being.

formation entreprise

The transformation of companies will require the personal transformation of the leaders who manage them.”

The different services


An offer that creates value and meaning about the challenges companies face in taking care of their human capital. Adventurium supports its customers in 3 forms:

Coaching, Training, Learning Expedition.


Formation entreprendre en conscience

Leadership Coaching

Duration: 3 to 9 days

Embodying positive and inspiring leadership, the key to successful management of tomorrow.


  • Give meaning to your entrepreneurial vision
  • Change yourself, change your company, change the world
  • Collective well-being and sustainable performance
  • Dare to manage in a human and inspiring way
Formation entreprendre en conscience

Agora Circle Training


A 3-year cycle * :

Live and experience ” a different kind of company “.

Topics covered

  • The 4 levels of consciousness

  • Discovering your resources through ECM

  • Propose a vision for your company’s team

  • Asserting your authority to deal with exceptional situations

  • Applying your humanist leader strategy

* cycle complet référencé au CJD France

Formation entreprendre en conscience

Coaching Manager

Duration: 3 days

Drive business transformation and unlock your employees’ creativity and capacity for innovation.


  • Give meaning to projects, manage with agility

  • Unleash creativity and capacity for innovation

  • Help employees grow and create together

  • Innovative protocols based on neuroscience

Formation entreprendre en conscience


Inspiring conferences

Inspiring talks for leaders and managers, focusing on conscious leadership, personal development, and stress management.

Conference themes

  • How to draw inspiration from indigenous people
  • Management and spirituality
  • Executive health
  • Stress management
  • Leadership and consciousness for the benefit of the human being
Formation entreprendre en conscience

Team Spirit

A 3-year cycle

  1. Investing in the quality of workplace life for employee commitment and performance objectives.


  • Awaken, discover and become aware

  •  Align to reconnect with yourself

  • Unleash resources and creativity

  • Communicate as a team and encourage participation

Formation entreprendre en conscience

Learning Expedition

Team trips

Set off as a group to a chosen location for an unforgettable experience lasting from 1 to 10 days, with authentic encounters in inspiring natural settings.

Our locations

  • France: Anjou – Auvergne – Brocéliande
  • Morocco: Desert – Atlas – Sahara
  • Vietnam: Meet the Red Dao and the Mong people
  • Ladakh: Little Tibet
  • Lapland: Sami spirituality and shamanism

Trainings designed and hosted by Stéphane Daguin,

IT services company director from 2005 to 2016, expert in altered states of consciousness:

  • Neurolinguistic programming and management

  • Ericksonian hypnosis and instant hypnosis

  • Caycedian sophrology

  • Mental preparation

  • Collective intelligence: NVC, active listening, presence

  • Mediation and conflict management

  • Collaborative and participative management

  • Management of change

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Humanist management: conscious leadership

  • Shamanic teachings by Claude Poncelet, Doctor of Nuclear Physics

Leaders speak better than we do

They put their trust in us

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