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“Route du Soi” ®

Route du Soi ® Algérie

Following the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld: A moving journey to Assekrem

The Assekrem, Algeria’s majestic high plateau, echoes with the footsteps of hermit and explorer Charles de Foucauld. Following the path of his spiritual quest, this journey offers a moving experience of breathtaking scenery and profound reflection.

The panoramas of the Assekrem are a living painting. Steep ridges spread as far as the eye can see, punctuated by lush green oases. Pure skies bring fiery sunsets to life. Within this untouched setting, the small hermitage where Foucauld meditated takes on a deep meaning.

This journey is much more than a geographical adventure. To walk in the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld is to embrace his quest for humility and connection with the divine. The moments spent in contemplation, in search of inner harmony, offer a unique perspective on spirituality and mankind.

The Assekrem is a place where the spiritual and the natural meet. This inspiring journey is a reminder that magnificent landscapes and inner quests can intertwine, nourishing the soul of travelers in search of depth and meaning.

Dare to travel to unknown lands!

The “Route du Soi ®” in a few words…


Departure from your city of choice, independent flight to Algeria. Transfer to Tamanrasset airport, where we spend the first night before setting off on the Hoggar and Tassili trails.

Charles de Foucauld, the man of a thousand lifetimes. We’ll be following his footsteps between Tamanrasset and the Assekrem. A personal journey, in touch with an inspiring gentleman, while listening to his soul.

A unique “Route du Soi ®” offering time for introspection in the spirituality of Charles de Foucauld. An encounter with yourself and your faith.

I have long walked in the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld in Morocco. In 2023, I had my first experience on the Assekrem, with a 9-day retreat that enabled me to propose this route with joy.

The benefits of this trip


  • Discover Tamanrasset, “Borj” and “Frégate”
  • Meet the authentic Tuareg people
  • The Assekrem plateau, the Hoggar and Tassili deserts
  • The spiritual teachings of Charles de Foucauld
  • The “tools” and skills required for the “Route du Soi”




“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings living a human experience”.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Travel Stage


You’ll be met at Tamanrasset airport, and we’ll spend our first night in the town of the Tuareg. The following day, in the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld, we’ll discover “Borj” and “Frégate”. Two places where this extraordinary man once lived.

The desert calls us to take to the tracks of the Hoggar and Tassili to discover exceptional places, between stone and sand. The Hoggar is a spectacular mountain range, formed by thousands of years of volcanic activity.

We’ll climb up to the Assekrem plateau, facing the Akator, and experience the emotion of this spiritually special place. The alchemy of the desert and the approach of Charles de Foucauld make this “Route du Soi ®” unique.


How can my intervention be beneficial?

I’ve been offering “Route du Soi” expeditions since 2016. I propose an approach focusing on the whole human being: the intelligence of emotions, intuition, and the hidden treasure within each of us. Developing your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love are all points of leverage for accessing your deepest nature, your authentic self.

Accepting both strength and vulnerability means opening up to the intelligence of the heart and becoming inspired for your life. Welcoming yourself on all levels of consciousness: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, aligns you with your life mission.

Tomorrow’s business is about to change. It’s up to you to act and awaken this change by giving meaning, opening up new paths and inspiring humanist leadership.


Live and experience ” business differently “


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