I was lucky enough to work with Stéphane for one year. During this professional experience, I discovered new work methodologies, and a different way of looking at things, where the human being, other people, the well-being, and the spirit within a healthy body have an important place.

Thanks to this experience, I still apply this same vision in my work today, whether in management, communication, or business analysis.

This adventure has also enabled me to apply these principles to my private life, both the good times and the more difficult times.

To sum up my experience with Stéphane, I’d like to quote John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Some men see things as they are, and ask why? I see things as they could be, and ask why not?

Well, thank you, Stéphane.


Marketing & Communication Manager DUPUY EQUIPEMENTS

Stéphane, you guided me on an inner journey, a quest to understand my inner workings based on my fears, wounds, and beliefs. To understand ourselves better is to accept ourselves more deeply and to live our relationship with others better, both professionally in our management and personally.

Stéphane, by your authenticity right from the start, you took us on this collective adventure. Thank you.

Catherine PINAULT

NOTTING Hill (44)

This experience was like a present I gave to myself. A moment with myself, a good dose of breathing to get back into the swing of things, a break, a moment of peace and serenity.

This authenticity, these emotions, and these techniques allow us to meet each other. If we decide to see only the dark, we’ll only see the dark; if we decide to see the light, we’ll see the light in the dark.


Managing Director, Groupe THOMAS (85)

 I would say that this training course enabled me to take a break from managing content and get my life in order.

Learning to listen to myself and to others in a caring way is a real opportunity!
A great group, a great time, to be repeated, as I’m still not completely reorganized…


Network Coordinator NO La Mie Câline

To sum up:

A real moment of taking a break, of deep self-questioning, and in all humility, a great deal of relaxation, pleasure, and self-awareness. A top-quality Zen master who shares our human failings is present in all of us and brings a benevolent analysis to the table.

And to quote another participant: “A gift to offer yourself without hesitation.”, and I fully agree.

Sébastien PAOLI

Manager Vendée Propreté (85)

At the end of 2018, I had the opportunity to attend a training day with Stéphane Daguin. This day was very enriching and innovative compared to all the training I’ve done throughout my 30 years in the sales business.

Stéphane Daguin’s approach was very human. This isn’t about sales methods, but about how each individual, with his or her personality, can find the resources to develop and improve sales performance.

The day also emphasized the fact that individual performance can only be achieved through collective work. We all left the seminar with a growing desire to succeed together. In 2019, my agency reached the first place of Nestenn agencies in France.

Laurent BOULY

Gérant Agence Nestenn Angers Foch (49)

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is insanely enriching, but also extremely engaging daily! Being in this position recently, I put a lot of pressure on myself, being fully (or not fully) aware of my responsibilities! I’m not talking about the very French “social” pressure
to succeed or fail.

This training course was an opportunity for me to take a break from this frantic race forward, the first result of which was to make me lose my ability to step back and forget my course! But “there’s no good wind for a boat without a course! And there’s nothing worse than a boat without a captain to unite its crew.

Stéphane’s excellent, down-to-earth facilitation provides an ideal framework for this deepening of awareness and perspective. Alignment is fundamental to a balanced life! Stéphane is the perfect person to help you become (re)aware of it! Head, heart, body! However, all this takes on a real structure insofar as these elements come into spiritual alignment.

I knew it, it’s confirmed and reinforced. Thank you, Stéphane. I highly recommend this program!


Degré Confort (44)

This training course was a moment of pure authenticity, serenity, and encounter with my inner self. During those 2 days, thanks to Stéphane and the group, I was able to visit myself and, above all, not to hate but to welcome my emotions and reflections.

I’m not saying it was easy. The experiences I have had, the sincere exchanges I have had, and the openness I have shown towards the field of possibilities will enable me to visit myself more often and, I certainly hope, more consciously. The grounding after these 2 intense days wasn’t easy, nor was it easy to describe or explain. I would say my body and mind were both in over their heads. After a few days, I am feeling even more “Wow” about this training.

Thank you and I look forward to the next one.



Un moment pour soi. Une parenthèse pour comprendre et apprendre à être en paix, en phase avec soi. Un cadeau à se faire sans hésiter.

Aussi je voulais partager avec vous un souhait qui me tiens à cœur , participer à la formation “Conscience et Management” module II.

Mathieu Blanchard

Managing Director Transports Blanchard Coutand SA (85)