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Your role as a manager is crucial: you must embody your corporate vision and your leadership. This requires you to transform your profession and offer innovative, daring, and intuitive management.

The Adventurium training for executives, CODIR members, and managers:
A program over time to rediscover your uniqueness in a circle of discussion based on personal opinions as well as the knowledge of experts. I offer this 3-year program based on my professional experience and observations.


Live and experience ” a different kind of company “.

Formation entreprendre en conscience

Module I : A different way of managing

Duration : 3 days

Through original exercises, experiment with valuable practices for you and your employees in the context of your corporate project.

Topics covered

  • The 4 levels of consciousness

  • The power of emotions

  • Overcoming yourself

  • Leadership and management

Formation entreprendre en conscience

Module II : Continuing on the path

Duration : 3 days

The techniques of Module I are deepened and complemented by processes derived from ancient wisdom discovered during my travels with traditional people: Berber, Touareg, Red Dao, H-Mong, and Lakota people.

Topics covered

  • Approach of the 3 S’s: Search for meaning, Solitary and in Silence

  • The four elements, immersions in nature

  • Levels of altered states of consciousness

  • Vision quest and timeline

formation entreprise pleine conscience

Module III : Learning Expedition

Duration : From 3 days onwards

Concept Learning Expedition by Adventurium, to be arranged according to destination and time available.


France: Anjou – Auvergne – Brocéliande
Morocco: Jebel Sagrho 8 days
Lapland: Encounter with the Sami – 9 days
Vietnam: Red Dao, Mong, H-Mong people – 12 days Ladakh: Encounter with the Changpa nomads – 14 days

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